Private & Exclusive Pacific Pearls Lodge
Divert and Enchant

Whether spiritual or physical, active or relaxing, on land, over or under the water, at Pacific Pearls Lodge a large range of activities are offered to divert & enchant.

Divert and Enchant


At only one hour and thirty minutes from Antigua and Guatemala City, Pacific Pearls Lodge is located in the Sipacate/Naranjo National Reserve. It is one of the most accessible beaches, and at the same time one of the very few that remain natural and pristine, as it is a National Reserve.


Being one of Guatemala’s most pristine natural beaches, most of the canals in Sipacate are currently a natural reserve, and Pacific Pearls Lodge’s owners and managers endeavor to do everything in its power to protect the natural habitat, its communities and people. Pacific Pearls Lodge is working closely with government agencies (such as Conap, Ocret and the local municipalities) for the protection of the local beaches, mangroves, canals and turtle sanctuaries. We have so far planted over 1000 palm trees and hundreds of mangrove buds on the property, adding greatly to the natural beauty, in addition to doing more than our share to keep the beaches clean & recycling trash.

Harmony & Peace

Pacific Pearls Lodge enjoys kilometers of private black sand beaches on both sides of it, making it truly private and pristine. It is surrounded by the deep blue Pacific and miles of mangrove filled canals, giving it a private island feel to it. The property itself is nestled between palm trees, variety mangrove trees and almond trees. This attracts of course many species of birds, making for the nature beauty and habitat of the Lodge absolutely breathtaking.